Monday, April 02, 2007

Court adjourned for tomorrow

Ethio-Zagol April,2,2007

The court is adjourned again; this time for tomorrow.The briefings continued today with remaining part of the documentary evidence summarized.
Note from Choreber Blogger:These are ( not only these) journalists of the independent press in Ethiopia who have been in jail after the historic May 2005 National election.They are charged with fictitious genocide and treason, and on the process of fictitious trial for more than one year. Previously, government brought its well-trained and certified witnesses and they testified for the government side. But the people of Ethiopia knows about certified witnesses and no one get confused on this big national case.Genocide and treason is a common charge for independent journalists by selfish African unelected officials,especially; in Ethiopia.
Pictures:From left to right, Eskinder Nega,Mesfine Tesfaye,Dawit Fasil and Dawit Kebede.

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