Friday, April 06, 2007

Judges, people needs justice!!

Ethiopian court ruled that 41 leaders and members of the main opposition political party,CUD, and other defendants in the same charge file were to defend their case. Another 21 defendants were acquitted of the first charge out of six charges. Of another 29 whose case is being tried in absentia some were acquitted and suspended

Note from Choreber blogger: That is not good enough.You know these leaders of the people are innocent.These brave and highly effective human rights and development activists, politicians, best educated of the land and journalists should deserve justice.Let them go home today.
Pictured above : Dr.Taye Woldesemayat, president of Ethiopian Teachers Association, Mr.Aregawi Berhe, Political Party Leader,Professor Getachew Haile, highly educated Ethiopian, Mr.Kifle Mulat, President of Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association, Dr.Negede Gobeze, Political Party Leader, and Famous Ethiopian Artist, Mr.Tamagne Beyene.

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