Monday, April 09, 2007


8 Ethiopian free press journalists who have been in jail since late 2005 and charged in fictitious genocide and treason have been freed today.Including journalists court ordered prison authorities to release 25 defendants.Beyond ordering prison officials to free them immediately there is no confirmation about their release.
These are the names of journalists;
1. Sisay Agena, 2.Eskinder Nega,3.Serkalem Fasil,4.Fasil Yenealem,5.Dereja Habtewold,6.Feleke Tibebu,7.Nardos Meaza,8.Zekarias Tesfaye.
Note from choreber: Previously, we observed some human rights activists,independent journalists,politicians and innocent citizens of the land were released to be rearrested while walking freely on the way home.I would like to say that do not do that again, please.
picture: Eskinder Nega,Serkalem Fasil and Sisay Agena.

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