Friday, March 30, 2007

The Trial Postponed Again

The trial of the main opposition political party leaders,civic activists and independent journalists postponed again.This time for Monday,April 2nd,2007.The court presented the summary of the audio,video and documentary evidence today.It said the rest of the prosecutor's evidence will be summarized and presented on Monday,April 2nd,2007.The court was packed,tens people couldn't get sits.The judges said that they wouldn't continue in the after noon as one of the judges was sick.

Note from choreber blogger: Nobody expect fair and true justice's from politically assigned judges who serves high level, corrupted and killer government officials than the country's law. Last week one of the judges didn't show up and the court hearing was ended up with in five minutes.Next Monday, really, we don't know who going to be sick!!!!! The country's justice system has been running like this for the last 15 years.

Pictures: Journalist & publishers , Mr.Sisay Agena and Mrs. Sekalem Fasil, among accused prisoners of conscience.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Helicopters fire on Somali market
BBC News, March 29, 2007


Ethiopian helicopter gunships have fired at a market near an insurgent stronghold in the Somali capital.
The BBC's Mohammed Olad Hassen in Mogadishu says hundreds of insurgents armed with rocket launchers and machine guns are battling Ethiopian troops.Ethiopian tanks are also deployed. Crowds dragged several dead bodies in uniform through the streets.The security crackdown in the south of the city is being billed as a three-day operation to restore order. ( to read full report click here)
picture by Daniel VDM,attack helicopter,made in South Africa.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Man tortured to death
By Ethio-zagol

Gonder resident Tsegaye Ayele was tortured to death by the Federal police.Tsegaye was arrested in December last year and taken to Addis Ababa's Maekelawi prison where he was severely tortured, resulting in series damage to his brain.He was hospitalized last month.All attempts by doctors at the Ras Desta Damtew hospital to save his life were in vain as he passed away today

Friday, March 23, 2007

We need peace for our country.
Peace and reconciliation.

Ignore all the ills and mistakes,blunders and ignorance in all the leaders/followers we have had for the years.Let us pick what is/was good and build on top of that.Let us get together and love each other,as we do not have any other choice left to pick.We picked all the other options and fought for the last 30 years.please,lets us not kill each other. ( Picture by jylcat)
Getachew T.A opinion (,March 23,2007)

Ethiopians in London at US Embassy
By Wondimu Mekonnen, March 23, 2007

Hush!Make no sound!
They will be back again in court,
Shackled,gagged and bound;
under menacing guards escort.
Kalashnikov in one hand,grenade in the other;
to kill to maim or to cause fatal wound.
Freeze!Don't move!Agaazi warn the prisoners;
Condemned to serve time,for an invented crime.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Universities with out books,libraries,professors and doctors are not University

Comment from: Lama [Nazret .com visitor] 03/18/07@02:24

You people, you are crazy and you don't know what you are talking about.The population of Ethiopia is 75 million.Among these 120,000 students attend University means nothing.Before we go too far, our neighboring ,country Kenya's population is less than 40 million and nearly half million students attend Universities.Kenyan Universities are equivalent to European Universities.Professors and doctors lead all Universities.All Universities run researches.Intellectuals are free.They have no problems to watch over their shoulders.The people are free.The country is free.

Woyane cadres give nonsense and cheap propaganda's about Ethiopian Universities.Universities with out books,with out libraries,with out professors and with out doctors are less than high schools.Also,how the worlds believe that poorest countries like Ethiopia could afford to build 11 Universities with full man power and materials at once?And,two million Tigreans are militia and depends on Woyane government.Ethiopia makes lecturers those who attended Universities for three years and have insurmountable problems to read and write.Unless they pick people from the streets of calcutta,India and call them lecturers and this is exactly what Woyane does.There are many highly educated Ethiopians in Diaspora.They are ready and happy to do every thing they could to help their country.The biggest obstacle is Ethiopians are not free.If you are Amhara,you have to join Amhara party which is a puppet or toilet cleaners of Woyane.If you are Oromo you have to join a puppet or a toilet and dish washers of Woyane OPDO.Many Ethiopian leave the country because they don't want to join those shit parties and carry their membership cards and pay membership fees.By Woyane hidden law any Oromos graduate from Universities or college should be a member of slave's party(OPDO) and pay party membership fees.Educated Oromos don't want to be a member of toilet cleaner's party and leave the country.This is a golden opportunity for Woyane and they gave and give the jobs for Tigreans.

Please, don't bring such useless propaganda's for comment.Ethiopian people won't be dumped by Woyane's empty hope.This site is visited by many foreigners.And if they come across the above mentioned figure of students attend Universities is shame.Ethiopia supposed to send three million students o Universities.The number of people in jails is eight times greater than the number of students attend Universities.

Some blind folded useless Woyane supporters call this economic development.In countries like Sweden,Norway,Denmark who their population is less 12 million,from one state more than 125 thousand students attend Universities.My message to Woyane supporters is,Shut up and eats a left over you get from Woyane.To Woyane,a time will come when you defecate what you did to Ethiopia.Whether you like or not you will face it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Love struck stalker spills acid on young beauty

Kamilat Muhisin,21,lies at the Yekatit 12 Hospital,her face,chin,neck and chest severely disfigured from acid burns a result of an acid attack by a man whose romantic advances were not reciprocated by Kamilat.(To read full report click here)

The family of Kamilat Muhisin has opened a bank account for those who are interested in helping to pay Kamilat's medical fees abroad. The account number is at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Paulos Branch account number 27645.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

IFJ calls for the release of journalists imprisoned in Eritrea and Ethiopia

"Eritrea and Ethiopia are both creating a lasting legacy of human rights abuse and intolerance for free expression that is not just taking a toll on society but also on the health and well being of the journalists they have detained for an unconscionably long time," said Gabriel Baglo, director of the IFJ Africa office.
( to read full report click here)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Grand Rapids Celebrated Adwa

March 4, 2007 (Choreber)
The 111th anniversary of the victory of Adwa celebrated by Ethiopians residing around the Greater Grand Rapids area on Saturday, March 3, 2007.

On March 1896, invader Italian forces leaded by professional military generals, well-trained and experienced troops and organized by heavy and sophisticated weapons had tried their best to occupy the whole Ethiopia but, the invading war plan didn't work as planed. Because, Emperor Menelik II and his wife Empress Taitu were at the war front of Adwa to lead the freedom lover and unconventional freedom fighter patriots of Ethiopia who were mobilized and volunteered from every corner of the country under one oath- Unity and Freedom.

The main cause of the battle of Adwa was the aim of the Italian government who had wider and longer dream of occupying of the land of Ethiopia as many African nations who were under colony of different European powerful countries.

Chairperson of the Association,Mr. Bayei Desta said interms of freedom the victory of Adwa have been playing a signifant role not only for Ethiopia but also for entire Africa.

The Adwa anniversary of Grand Rapids was organized by Ethiopian Community Association of Greater Grand Rapids. Participants of the event were served by poem, video, food, beverages and live music band at the gathering hall.