Friday, March 24, 2006

Ethiopian Grand Rally In Brussels ( March 23 , 2006 , Belgium )
Rally Video including Ms Ana Gomez's speech (Mahder)
Ana Gomez's speech , Brussels , Belgium. (EMF)
Ana Gomez's speech in Amharic (Text - EMF )

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Tegbar activists blocked the rail way
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TPLF drama in Awassa
BENIN : Journalists denied access to press conference
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ethiopian politics isn't a nuclear bomb
By Hellen Kassu Mitto

" Don't get closed into Ethiopian politics ! ...Ethiopian politics is a nuclear
bomb ; it hurt kill you . It's dangerous , and just give your political opinion to Woyane's people !!... they have ability to fix it .... you.... stay a distance , nothing concern you about your country , and don't get involved ."

We have been heard or read this type of opinion from Woyanes and pro-Woyane's media on daily bases , especially after May 2005 National Parliamentary Election's . If politics could be that much beast - hey Woyane and Pro- Woyane's - where you been for about 15 years ? , and what are you doing in side the National palace ?.....We have seen friends who have been an active in supporting Woyane's become rich overnight , like magic . Who owns farms in fruitful countryside ?.....Who runs big hotels in several towns ?.....Like those an active restless cadre members , fake Church and Mosque bosses told us to shut up our mouths for a years . In other hand , real spiritual leaders decided to live in exile rather than cooperating with bloodthirsty shameless killers who gun down an innocent mothers and babies for their own private interests , I support real God servers.

People's who talks a lot about the kindness of Woyane's , don't want to talk about the killings , mass arrests , tortures and rapes that occurred during the last 15 years by Woyane's government. If you support Development , Peace , Human Rights , Democratic Election Process , but you don't want to criticizes Woyane's wrong doing on an innocent citizens , stop right there , go cave.

We need a political party leader who leads the people properly , peacefully , with out discrimination based on equality and unity. Gender , race , religion and political attitude should not be our divider. Ethiopia should not be sweet home for particular group and bitter for others . Ethiopia should not be real motherland for bunch of people and step motherland for the rest of the people . A political party leader who leads a country of 74 million people should not to be a country's problem every year , and don't say for us Ethiopian politics is a nuclear bomb !!!

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Civil Disobedience Against Meles Dictatorship Has Started Today
( Tegbar League Addis Ababa Leadership Committee )
Press Release

March 20 , 2006 , ADISS ABABA - Today , Tegbar League Committee's in Ethiopia have launched a peaceful civil disobedience campaign against the Meles dictatorship. The primary purpose of this nonviolent action is to pressure the government to respect the people's vote and to demand the release of all political prisoners. ( To read more click here . )

( VIDEO - Emperor of Ethiopia Hailesllassie )

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A large number troops entered Dessie............
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Several schools and major roads are closed....
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Poet , Journalist Befkadu Moreda forced into exile
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Group calling for a phone campaign

Ethiopian Media Forum
KENYA : Minister queried by Parliamentary Committee..
TUNISIA : Harassment of journalists family continues
Guinea : Journalist detained , questioned , insulted by police
Nigeria : Broadcast journalist arrested and detained overnight

Friday, March 17, 2006

U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa Alerts Its Citizens
March 17 , 2006 ,
U.S.Embassy, Addis Ababa.

( Video ) Emperor of Ethiopia Hailesellassie
The U.S. Embassy reminds American citizens that even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational.
U.S. citizens are therefore urged to avoid areas affected by demonstrations .The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa will continue to monitor development and , as appropriate , will provide periodic updates on the situation on its web site .
( To read more from the US Embassy web site click here )
* * * *
* * * *
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What will be a fate of Woyane's Ambassador Hiruy Amanuel ? ( Amharic )
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KENYA : Standard Group Cameraman Harassed By Police
MOROCCO : CPJ Protest Letter To Moroccan King
CPJ ( New York )
ZAMBIA : Radio stations director and two students were questioned by police
ZAMBIA : Government commended for scraping the VAT on newspapers and Magazines
SOUTH AFRICA : Court prohibits individual from publishing criticism

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 15 , 2005
source - Ethiopian Media Forum

The TPLF Ambassador to England , Fesseha Adugna , and his press officer at the Ethiopian Embassy in London , Wagaye Berhanu , have defected to the USA .
To show an untruth face of Ethiopia to International Community , as member of diplomatic missions , these high-ranking officials had been served PM Meles Zenawi until they have defected him . Meles Zenawi , who surrounded by machine-guns and armored vehicles twenty four hours a day seven days a week and confined him self's at National Palace , as Fascist Leaders , has no chance to visit industries , higher education institutes , towns and a countryside of Ethiopia , except Bole International Airport .
This stage , for this , one of the new generation of tyranny African leaders , indicates final destination of his killer government and gives time to get off and give up of his power with out any pre- conditions to the People of Ethiopia , Peacefully . Otherwise , no matter what it takes , his unfunctional government will collapsed by the people's peaceful Democratic movement , and he would get what he deserves. ( Click here to read EMF's report )

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hunger strike at Maikelawi
March 14, 2006
Ethiopian Review
Commissioner Workneh Gebeyehu , who accepts orders only from Meles Zenawi , is responsible for the on going atrocities , including mass murder , arrest , kidnapping , and torture of political dissidents and critics of the Meles regime. For this lawless police commissioner , the law is Meles Zenawi . His mission is to protect and serve the Meles dictatorship , not the people of Ethiopia. ( Click here to read more )

Final Report of European Union - Election Observation Mission
Since Meles Zenawi him self said he will accept the Election Observation Mission's verdict , he must resign now Peacefully with out causing further bloodshed. ( Ethiopian Review )

To read the Executive summary click here , ethioforum .
To read full report in pdf click here , ethioforum .

March 14 , 2006 (Tuesday )

Arrests ,Closing ,censorship found in Ethiopia
CPJ ( New York )
CAMEROON : Criminal cases draw concern
CPJ ( New York )
UGANDA : Police close radio station after critical talk show
CPJ (New York )

Monday, March 13, 2006

Eritrea gets Ethiopian territories
( ethiomedia )
Meles Zenawi over the weekend signed an agreement to hand over undisputed Ethiopian territories to Eritrea. The tyrant who was born in to an Eritrean family in the northern Ethiopian town of Adua , and who joined , and later turned rebel-time Tigray People's Liberation Front , TPLF , into another Eritrean rebel group..... ( To read more click here )

Ethiopians will never be ruled any more by a government they didn't elect . March 20 - 24 Peaceful Civil Disobedience Campaign Against The Meles Zenawi Dictatorship .... (To read Amharic Flyer click here )

March 13 , 2006 ( Monday )

Anna Gomez to release EU - EOM report on March 14 , 2006
Ethio Media Forum
Press Release from Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association - International Committee
EFJA - IA ( Amsterdam , Holland , In Amharic )
Oromiya Anti - Repression Committee expressed support
Ethiopian Review
Dr.Negede Gobeze and Aregawi Berhe's briefing in Amsterdam (Holland )
Ethio Media Forum

D.R.CONGO : Reporter Without Borders visited D.R.Congo
RSF ( France )
ALGERIA : President of European Parliament leaves Algiers after visit
RSF ( France )
EGYPY : Court sentences journalist to a year
CPJ ( NEW York )

Friday, March 10, 2006

Somebody forward me this
By Azeb Mesfine ( EthioBlog , March 8 , 2006 at 02:07 )

A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the highway in Addis Ababa. Nothing was moving. Suddenly a man knocks on the window - the driver rolls down his window and asks , " What happened ? "
The man replies : " Terrorist have kidnapped Meles Zenawi. They are asking for $ 10 million ransom. Otherwise they are going to douse him with gasoline and set him fire. We are going from car to car taking up a collection. "
The driver asks , " How much is every one giving , on average ? "
The man replies , " about a gallon "

March 10, 2006 ( Friday )
Frezer Negash freed on bail, editor sentenced to prison
CPJ ( New York )
The only trial is acquittal !
By Ephrem Madebo ( Ethiomedia )
Project Love
The Hamilton Spectator
World Bank : a few salient points
By Ishac Diwan
Urgent Human Rights crisis in Ethiopia
ethio media forum

Thursday, March 09, 2006

International Women's Day - "Ethiopian Women Cry For Justice "
Make Dictatorship
Ethiopian Women paid and are still paying great sacrifices in the post election repression unleashed against the people by the incumbent regime.Among the many who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the struggle for respect of Fundamental Human Rights in the country we recall the following few victims. (Click here to read more)

March 09, 2006 ( Thursday )
Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ , was allowed rare access to prison in Ethiopa
CPJ (New York)
" Fighting for freedom in Gondar", and others

Short Amharic News from EMF
TPLF government on financial crisis (Amharic )
KENYA : Newspaper & TV denied access
RSF ( France )

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lawless regime refused to release web site journalist
March 08, 2006 ( Ethiopian Review )
A judge ordered yesterday that Ethiopian Review correspondent in Addis Ababa , Freezer Negash , should be released as there is no evidence to keep her in jail , but the lawless regime, as expected , refused to let her go home.To read up date click here.

March o8,2006 (Wednesday )
Ethiopians come together in Kansas City
Students clashed with police
(Ethiopian Review)
ETHIOPIA: US Department of State report on human rights
(US State Department)
Forging Alliance With the Democratic Party
(Meron Ahadu)
Patriotic Fronts Support
(Ethiopian Review)
UGANDA:Police harass journalists.....
CPJ (NewYork)
D.R.CONGO:Committee to Protect Journalists urges
CPJ (NewYork)
ZIMBABWE:Journalists forced to go....
RSF (France)
TUNISIA:Editor's family harassed after....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 07,2006
Mr. Negussie Wolde-Mariam, Cheapest Woyane propagandist in Washington
DC metropolitan area has been arrested today by DC police for pointing a loaded gun at two Ethiopians. Negussie , host of DC area the Hager Fikir dimts radio , according to ethio media forum , " born again woyane " , has been working openly for TPLF's since the May 2005 election. Except his false report his political opinion is not a problem for many Ethiopians in Washington DC metropolitan area.
(Click here)

Rubber stamp parliament I
By Fikru Helebo

Monday, March 06, 2006

"Kill as many and pick money" TPLF

By Hellen Kassu Mitto

People have talking about change - democratic change - in Ethiopia.
Addis Ababa,Wolega,West Shoa, East Shoa,Gondar,Gojam,Bale,Arsi,Harerge,Ogaden,Southern Ethiopia-throughout the Country people's have talking about change.Weekday...weekend...allday...allnight...talking,talking and talking peacefully about democratic change...Democratic rights. But nobody ready to listen them.Who should listen the people? Government !...TPLF government ? Forget about it !!! They are so busy. Stealing people's money is not easy job. Stealing people's vote is not easy duty.Building villas, G+2,3,4,5, transferring foreign aid from the poorest Country to the richest is not easy practice.Bank of Canada,Bank of Malaysia,NewYork Bank,we didn't know about those banks before. We hadn't any idea about those big financial institutions - thanks to our high level bunch of loser TPLF members - now days we have a little bit information about their account in those Banks.
Peaceful citizens were killed by the government gunmen with out any reason.Government officials were not made any arrest or investigate the case. Because they are so busy.As many corrupted and blood thirsty African leaders these guys don't waste a split of minute for their own citizens problem.Why ?....I said before..... they are so busy,and who cares about poor Ethiopia,Ethiopians,Democratic change,nonpartisan inquiry commission,freemedia,independent political organization,independent professional union,freedom of assembly and others?????????

TPLF's political program: Article 1 " Just kill as many and pick money" until what???.... May is coming innocent chests for Fed police or Agazi's ........or what is next????????

Friday, March 03, 2006

The 110th Adwa victory Celebration Program

Kenyan police raid newspaper
Tegbar League's Call to the defense of Students
Short life story of poet Laureate Tsegaye in Amharic