Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lawless regime refused to release web site journalist
March 08, 2006 ( Ethiopian Review )
A judge ordered yesterday that Ethiopian Review correspondent in Addis Ababa , Freezer Negash , should be released as there is no evidence to keep her in jail , but the lawless regime, as expected , refused to let her go home.To read up date click here.

March o8,2006 (Wednesday )
Ethiopians come together in Kansas City
Students clashed with police
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ETHIOPIA: US Department of State report on human rights
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Forging Alliance With the Democratic Party
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Patriotic Fronts Support
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CPJ (NewYork)
D.R.CONGO:Committee to Protect Journalists urges
CPJ (NewYork)
ZIMBABWE:Journalists forced to go....
RSF (France)
TUNISIA:Editor's family harassed after....

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