Monday, March 06, 2006

"Kill as many and pick money" TPLF

By Hellen Kassu Mitto

People have talking about change - democratic change - in Ethiopia.
Addis Ababa,Wolega,West Shoa, East Shoa,Gondar,Gojam,Bale,Arsi,Harerge,Ogaden,Southern Ethiopia-throughout the Country people's have talking about change.Weekday...weekend...allday...allnight...talking,talking and talking peacefully about democratic change...Democratic rights. But nobody ready to listen them.Who should listen the people? Government !...TPLF government ? Forget about it !!! They are so busy. Stealing people's money is not easy job. Stealing people's vote is not easy duty.Building villas, G+2,3,4,5, transferring foreign aid from the poorest Country to the richest is not easy practice.Bank of Canada,Bank of Malaysia,NewYork Bank,we didn't know about those banks before. We hadn't any idea about those big financial institutions - thanks to our high level bunch of loser TPLF members - now days we have a little bit information about their account in those Banks.
Peaceful citizens were killed by the government gunmen with out any reason.Government officials were not made any arrest or investigate the case. Because they are so busy.As many corrupted and blood thirsty African leaders these guys don't waste a split of minute for their own citizens problem.Why ?....I said before..... they are so busy,and who cares about poor Ethiopia,Ethiopians,Democratic change,nonpartisan inquiry commission,freemedia,independent political organization,independent professional union,freedom of assembly and others?????????

TPLF's political program: Article 1 " Just kill as many and pick money" until what???.... May is coming innocent chests for Fed police or Agazi's ........or what is next????????

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