Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hunger strike at Maikelawi
March 14, 2006
Ethiopian Review
Commissioner Workneh Gebeyehu , who accepts orders only from Meles Zenawi , is responsible for the on going atrocities , including mass murder , arrest , kidnapping , and torture of political dissidents and critics of the Meles regime. For this lawless police commissioner , the law is Meles Zenawi . His mission is to protect and serve the Meles dictatorship , not the people of Ethiopia. ( Click here to read more )

Final Report of European Union - Election Observation Mission
Since Meles Zenawi him self said he will accept the Election Observation Mission's verdict , he must resign now Peacefully with out causing further bloodshed. ( Ethiopian Review )

To read the Executive summary click here , ethioforum .
To read full report in pdf click here , ethioforum .

March 14 , 2006 (Tuesday )

Arrests ,Closing ,censorship found in Ethiopia
CPJ ( New York )
CAMEROON : Criminal cases draw concern
CPJ ( New York )
UGANDA : Police close radio station after critical talk show
CPJ (New York )

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