Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ethiopian politics isn't a nuclear bomb
By Hellen Kassu Mitto

" Don't get closed into Ethiopian politics ! ...Ethiopian politics is a nuclear
bomb ; it hurt kill you . It's dangerous , and just give your political opinion to Woyane's people !!... they have ability to fix it .... you.... stay a distance , nothing concern you about your country , and don't get involved ."

We have been heard or read this type of opinion from Woyanes and pro-Woyane's media on daily bases , especially after May 2005 National Parliamentary Election's . If politics could be that much beast - hey Woyane and Pro- Woyane's - where you been for about 15 years ? , and what are you doing in side the National palace ?.....We have seen friends who have been an active in supporting Woyane's become rich overnight , like magic . Who owns farms in fruitful countryside ?.....Who runs big hotels in several towns ?.....Like those an active restless cadre members , fake Church and Mosque bosses told us to shut up our mouths for a years . In other hand , real spiritual leaders decided to live in exile rather than cooperating with bloodthirsty shameless killers who gun down an innocent mothers and babies for their own private interests , I support real God servers.

People's who talks a lot about the kindness of Woyane's , don't want to talk about the killings , mass arrests , tortures and rapes that occurred during the last 15 years by Woyane's government. If you support Development , Peace , Human Rights , Democratic Election Process , but you don't want to criticizes Woyane's wrong doing on an innocent citizens , stop right there , go cave.

We need a political party leader who leads the people properly , peacefully , with out discrimination based on equality and unity. Gender , race , religion and political attitude should not be our divider. Ethiopia should not be sweet home for particular group and bitter for others . Ethiopia should not be real motherland for bunch of people and step motherland for the rest of the people . A political party leader who leads a country of 74 million people should not to be a country's problem every year , and don't say for us Ethiopian politics is a nuclear bomb !!!

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