Monday, October 23, 2006

Mr kifle Mulat , Freedom of the press fighter ,arrives in USA
ethioforum , October 22 , 2006 (SUNDAY)

CHOREBER Blogger : thanks the US and UGANDA government , Amnesty International , African Journalists Unions and Freedom of Expression Organizations.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mitiku Teshome , Member of Inquiry commission Defects
ethiomedia , October 21,2006 (Saturday)
Ethiopia Respression Worsens
By Don Baseman , Portland
October 20 , 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Meles Deported 2 European Officials
BBC,October20,2006 (Friday)
Yalemzewd Bekele : Fear of torture
amnesty international
Yalemzewd Bekele,Human Right activist,Arrested
ethiomedia,October 20, 2006(Friday)
Ethiopia row over ' massacre ' leak
BBC,October 19,2006 (Thursday)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nation without a journalists - 40 fired , 20 defected

October 17,2006 (Tuesday)
Non-stop campaign to eradicate Ethiopian journalists,independent and government,from their job and the country has been continue. Now it seems the TPLF government officials have decide to run the country without a journalist.
With in the last two months 40 journalists who worked for the state controlled media and the ruling dictator party news networks had fired from their job, and 20 others had defected the country in the last 6 months.
Based on Ethiopian Freepress Journalists Association(EFJA),update report which was released on June 10,2006, on the Ethio-Dutch Journalists conference,Amsterdam,The Netherlands,about 100 journalists from independent media are in exile,including EFJA president Mr.Kifle Mulat.
List of 37 Fired Government Journalists
1-Eshetu Geletu , Ethiopian radio
2-Eyader Addis,Ethiopian radio
3-Daniel Amare,Ethiopian radio
4-Tigst Asfaw,FM97.1 radio
5-Selome Desta,FM97.1 radio
6-Nigussei Kibru,Ethiopian news agency(ENA)
7-Worku Chala,ENA
8-Teshager Shiferaw,ENA
9-Sileshi Tessema,ENA
10-Eliyas Amare,Ethiopian tv(ETV)
11-Ashenafi Berihun,ETV
12-Abnet Bekele,ETV
13-Zelalem Gudeta,ETV
14-Fikadu Damte,ETV
15-Bereket Teklu,ETV
16-Habtamu Bogale,ETV
17-Samuel Fikre,ETV
18-Endale Zewde,ETV
19-Genet Abebe,ETV freelancer
20-Hailegebriel Endashaw,Ethiopian Press Agency(EPA)
21-Berhanu Assefa,EPA
22-Tsige Gebreamlak,EPA
23-Abebech Wolde,EPA
25-Daniel Mekonnen,EPA
26-Zenebe Wella,EPA
27-Gashaw Melese,EPA
28-Kersima Musien,EPA
29-Matha Hailu,EPA
30 -Melaku Adela,EPA
31-Hassen Ousman,EPA
33-Getachew Shiferaw,EPA
34-Solomon Getachew,EPA
35-Yalew Aklilu,EPA
36-Tewodros Atlaw,EPA
37-Eskinder Merhatsaedik,Abyotawi Democrasi Newspaper

Saturday, October 14, 2006

International conference on democracy,human rights and the rule of law in Ethiopia. ( Amsterdam,Holland)
Let's join hands to stop repression
Kinijit international leadership press release
የአቶ ሃሰን ሁሴን ንግግር በቦስተን
ቅንጅት ወዴት ? (አንዳርጋቸው ጽጌ)
ብዘመነ ግርምቢጥ ማይ ነአቅብ
(ፕሮፈሰር መስፍን ወ/ማሪያም - ቃሊቲ)
Canada asks for international intervention in Ethiopia

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ዳኞች በግምገማ ሰበብ እየተባረሩ ነው !!

በአትክልት አሰፋ (ቫንኮቨር-ካናዳ)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Journalist Tesfaye defected,Greece.

Tesfaye Gessesse,a journalist from Ethiopian Press Agency has defected to Greece. Journalist Tesfaye's escape makes the total number of defected government journalists to 15.

According to EMF web site report ," journalists working for Ethiopian government controlled media who refuse order from the authorities to misinform the public are threatened to death".

Read list of defected government journalists down.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Justice now ! CIVICUS urges a swift and fair trial in Ethiopia

CPJ concern over jailed Eritrean journalists

Khaled Abdu , once the top editor of Admas, a private weekly in Eritrea,fled his homeland in 2000 after getting a serious of threats from government agents.
He was one of the lucky ones,as it turned out
.(To read more from Association of Eritrean Journalists in Exile,, click here.)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Government journalist defect continues

EMF , October 02, 2006 (Monday )

Ethiopian Television2 journalist , Martha Beley ,host of FM 97.1 radio ,Abebe Feleke ,and deputy editor-in-chief of Addis Lessan newspaper , Tesfahun Demissie Dargie have defected to USA and Europe.

According to an unidentified EMF web site source journalists who working for the Ethiopian government media and refuse order from the authorities to misinform the public are threatened to death.

Read list of defected government journalist down.