Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia-Tech, a shocking massacre.
Washington D.C. metropolitan area is a center for Ethiopian origin citizens. I used to live in Virginia and I knew so many Ethiopian origin students who have been going to Virginia,DC or Maryland Universities for their higher education program. I have shocked when I heard news about the killings of students, professors and staff members at Virginia Tech.I know it is tough for families, friends and communities who lost their loved ones.For me it is a nightmare and an unacceptable on this bright century, and an educational institutions should be out of gun.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Cruelty of Government.
For some of us who born or grew up in civilized and rich country, situation of human rights in Ethiopia has been not as we expected.Everyday when we are trying to see some thing positive about our country's current situation from the international media outlets, unfortunately, we have been colliding with killing or jailing words. Today, I have read an article of cruelty of Ethiopian government in Western Ethiopia from the Sanfrancisco Chronicle, page A-8.
To read full story, Source: The Sanfrancisco Chronicle, Link: ER

Monday, April 16, 2007

Report of torture in Ethiopia are wide spread
For those who believes the principle of democracy but don't want to read about shocking stories of Ethiopian innocent citizens - killed or tortured - by Ethiopian government, please, read the Sanfrancisco Chronicle report to update your information.

Ghimbi-Ethiopia :
First,the police officer threw Tesfaye in to a dark cell. Then, each day for 17 days it was the same routine: Electric shocks on his legs and back, followed by beatings with rubber truncheons. Four or five officers would then surrounded and kick him. At last, a large bottle of water would be tied around his testicles. He'd pass out. (Read full report)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

በኢትዮጵያ ሃሳብን በነጻ የመግለጽ መብት እንዲረጋገጥ ፤ የተከፈለው መስዋዕትነት ፤ ብዙ ትውልዶችን አስቆጥሯል ። የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሃሳብን በነጻነት መግለጽን ባህሉ እንዲያደርግ ፤ ከእስራት ጀምሮ የህይወት መስዋዕትነትን ጭምር ተከፍሏል ። በተለይም ይህ ትውልድ ሃሳቡን በነጻነት ለመግለጽ የብዕር ጠመንጃውን አንግቶ ፤ የህዝብን ድምጽ ለማሰማት ታስሮና ሞቶ ፤ ታላቁን የአርበኝነት ተግባር ፈጽሟል ። ወደፊትም ይፈጽማል ።

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ethiopian Journalists - Out of Prison Picture

Thank you the freedom of the press fighters,you are real Ethiopians.Being independent journalist and working on free media is not easy in Ethiopia.As we had been followed closely your case and situation in prison we will watch others who have been in prison now and your life after prison.The Ethiopian people and international community knows that you were prisoned seventeen months only because of your journalism profession.The government should compensate you.You deserve compensation from your jailer and award from the international freedom of the press fighter organizations.

Concerning EFJA, Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association, especially; Gash Kifle Mulat, Dawit Kebede, Aklilu Tadesse and girma Endrias, you are wonderful! I know life could be tough in exile, but you are doing best job for voiceless fellow journalists rather than living for yourselves and all your families. I didn't get an opportunity to see an organization and leaders like EFJA and Ethiopian Teachers Association, ETA, throughout my life.I am so proud of EFJA which sheltered all independent journalists in our country , Ethiopia and makes louder voice for its member freedom of the press fighters. Please, continue what you are doing for those independent journalists who have been suffering in jail a lot and for those who crossed the border to save their lives and living in a harsh and bad situation as refugee in different part of the World.

Further more, I really appreciate your media coverage for those oppressed journalists who had been employed by Ethiopian government, subjected to lie their own people and finally had been abandoned the more jailer and killer government in Africa. Because, the government journalists association's has no right to be voice of the truth.It speaks when it get permission from the government officials. That is shame!! Leading professional organization with out basic rights is not part of life. I would like to end this part of my letter by these words; government journalists please come to the truth track!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No one surprised by these Ethiopian government high-level liar officials behavior. There is no way to stop them, first, from cheating their own people, and then the International community.Watch,listen and follow them,they will cheat us for good until the World ready to cheat them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Genocide" and "high treason" charges have been dropped against them and they will be tried for "plotting to overthrow the government" and "incitement to rebellion." RSF

First, High level officials of the country,Ethiopia,finally have start thinking as human being.But they need to understand more and more.As they said, now, no genocide and high treason occurred after the result of the national election of may 2005, people knew that there was no "plotting to overthrow the government " or "incitement to rebellion."That's the fact on the ground.

Second, Mr.Sisay Agena, publisher of Ethop and Abay monthly magazine and weekly news papers, freed from his charge, good thing.What about his dozen computers and huge amount of money that taken or robbed by government security agents in the name " for investigation purpose" during his arrest late 2005? The court should give order to police department,investigation cell or security agents to give back all his own personal work equipment and money,too.

Third, we know that Ethiopia has not enough money to cover annual budget of the country's expense as a country. This country depends on out side source for its governmental function.
So, spending donated money or other form of outsiders support on this type of false accusation,torturing and killing innocent citizens of the land every corner is meaningless.Waste of time, waste of manpower for meaningless purpose, no one benefited from this kind of kid's play. Government should work on the basis of truth.That way helps people and a country to work together for a common agenda-fighting poverty,aids,access for pure drinking water,basic health service and so on.
Picture: Journalist and publisher Siyay Agena.

Monday, April 09, 2007


8 Ethiopian free press journalists who have been in jail since late 2005 and charged in fictitious genocide and treason have been freed today.Including journalists court ordered prison authorities to release 25 defendants.Beyond ordering prison officials to free them immediately there is no confirmation about their release.
These are the names of journalists;
1. Sisay Agena, 2.Eskinder Nega,3.Serkalem Fasil,4.Fasil Yenealem,5.Dereja Habtewold,6.Feleke Tibebu,7.Nardos Meaza,8.Zekarias Tesfaye.
Note from choreber: Previously, we observed some human rights activists,independent journalists,politicians and innocent citizens of the land were released to be rearrested while walking freely on the way home.I would like to say that do not do that again, please.
picture: Eskinder Nega,Serkalem Fasil and Sisay Agena.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Judges, people needs justice!!

Ethiopian court ruled that 41 leaders and members of the main opposition political party,CUD, and other defendants in the same charge file were to defend their case. Another 21 defendants were acquitted of the first charge out of six charges. Of another 29 whose case is being tried in absentia some were acquitted and suspended

Note from Choreber blogger: That is not good enough.You know these leaders of the people are innocent.These brave and highly effective human rights and development activists, politicians, best educated of the land and journalists should deserve justice.Let them go home today.
Pictured above : Dr.Taye Woldesemayat, president of Ethiopian Teachers Association, Mr.Aregawi Berhe, Political Party Leader,Professor Getachew Haile, highly educated Ethiopian, Mr.Kifle Mulat, President of Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association, Dr.Negede Gobeze, Political Party Leader, and Famous Ethiopian Artist, Mr.Tamagne Beyene.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ethiopian man wins $ 5 million in Georgia lottery
Choreber Blogger: Good for you.u.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Early this year over 20 Innocent Oromos Killed by Government

By all accounts,it is there,on Gaara Suufi (mountain) that the TPLF regime murdered 20 Oromos early this year.It looks like TPLF is determined to turn every inch of Oromo territory in to killing fields.Oromos, young and old,women,children and the elderly, are murdered every where; in school, on the street,in their homes,in detention camps and now on the mountain.

Ayisha Alii,( see picture) was fourteen years old.Her mother,Aadde Shamisii, described the events leading up to her daughters murder to Voice of America (VOA) as follows ......( click here to read full text)

The same old song by Ethiopian judges
(Concerning Prisoners of Conscience)

As Ethiopians,diplomatic missions and the international community expected the court ruled the defendants to defend their cases.This is the same old story we have observed for the last 15 years.Defendants should be go home freely than spending their precious time in jail with out any reason.people's need them.They are college lecturers,human and development activist,free media journalists and so on.If the judiciary system of the country moves freely these people should go home today.The same old trick on the same court and judges, every year ,to stay in power forever.Wow Ethiopian officials !!!!
Pictures of prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia : Dr.Birhanu Nega, Dr.Yacob Hailemariam, judge Birtukan Mideksa, Mr.Kifle Tigneh and professor Mesfine Woldemariam.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Endless accusations to kill beloved leaders of the people
On the endless trail of the main opposition political leaders, human and development activists and free press journalists of Ethiopia, the judges decided to adjourn the proceeding for tomorrow, April, 4,2007.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Court adjourned for tomorrow

Ethio-Zagol April,2,2007

The court is adjourned again; this time for tomorrow.The briefings continued today with remaining part of the documentary evidence summarized.
Note from Choreber Blogger:These are ( not only these) journalists of the independent press in Ethiopia who have been in jail after the historic May 2005 National election.They are charged with fictitious genocide and treason, and on the process of fictitious trial for more than one year. Previously, government brought its well-trained and certified witnesses and they testified for the government side. But the people of Ethiopia knows about certified witnesses and no one get confused on this big national case.Genocide and treason is a common charge for independent journalists by selfish African unelected officials,especially; in Ethiopia.
Pictures:From left to right, Eskinder Nega,Mesfine Tesfaye,Dawit Fasil and Dawit Kebede.