Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ethiopian Journalists - Out of Prison Picture

Thank you the freedom of the press fighters,you are real Ethiopians.Being independent journalist and working on free media is not easy in Ethiopia.As we had been followed closely your case and situation in prison we will watch others who have been in prison now and your life after prison.The Ethiopian people and international community knows that you were prisoned seventeen months only because of your journalism profession.The government should compensate you.You deserve compensation from your jailer and award from the international freedom of the press fighter organizations.

Concerning EFJA, Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association, especially; Gash Kifle Mulat, Dawit Kebede, Aklilu Tadesse and girma Endrias, you are wonderful! I know life could be tough in exile, but you are doing best job for voiceless fellow journalists rather than living for yourselves and all your families. I didn't get an opportunity to see an organization and leaders like EFJA and Ethiopian Teachers Association, ETA, throughout my life.I am so proud of EFJA which sheltered all independent journalists in our country , Ethiopia and makes louder voice for its member freedom of the press fighters. Please, continue what you are doing for those independent journalists who have been suffering in jail a lot and for those who crossed the border to save their lives and living in a harsh and bad situation as refugee in different part of the World.

Further more, I really appreciate your media coverage for those oppressed journalists who had been employed by Ethiopian government, subjected to lie their own people and finally had been abandoned the more jailer and killer government in Africa. Because, the government journalists association's has no right to be voice of the truth.It speaks when it get permission from the government officials. That is shame!! Leading professional organization with out basic rights is not part of life. I would like to end this part of my letter by these words; government journalists please come to the truth track!!!

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