Friday, September 29, 2006

Another government journalist defected

EMF , September 29 , 2006 (Friday)

Host of FM radio 97.1 , Mr Dagmawi Tariku , has defected
to Cananda , according to EMF web site report . EMF states that because of total absence of freedom of the press and intolerable situation unfolding in Ethiopia journalist Dagmawi Tariku has decided to escape his country .

The defection of this journalist has increased the total number of journalists who were working for the government and now living in exile from ten to eleven with in the last six months .

List of exiled government journalists

1-Fiseha Tegegn , FM 97.1 radio
2-Getaneh Tsige , Ethiopian press agency
3-Aregash Mekonnen , Ethiopian press agency
4-Yohannes Ayalew , Ethiopian television
5-Hailu Tsige , Ethiopian press agency
6-Andargachew Tamir , Radio fana
7-Fasika Girmay , Ethiopian television
8-Yared Belayneh , Ethiopian radio
9-Dereje Tedla Demissie , Ethiopian press agency
10-Dagmawi Tariku , FM 97.1 radio
11- Mohamed Ahmed , Ethiopian television
12-Tesfahun Demissie Dargie , Addis Lessan
13-Abebe Feleke , FM 97.1 radio
14-Martha Belay , EthiopianTV2
15-Tesfaye Gessesse , Ethiopian press agency

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Freedom of the press in Ethiopia debated in London

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Journalist Dereje Tedla defected to Japan
Update list of Ethiopian free Press Journalists in exile
EMF , Thursday , September 28 ,2006

Prime minister of Ethiopia , Meles Zenawi , has turned proud Ethiopia into an ugliest Albania communist era mood . There is no right of assembly , no independent media , and no right to organized freely . The only right given or allowed to the people of Ethiopia by prime minister Meles Zenawi government is to go jail by series and endless false allegations .
Journalists, advocates of freedom of the press, members of union of journalists, human right activists and other an innocent citizens who support the principle of freedom of expression could face worst punishment from unelected government officials on their land. That's why several innocent Ethiopians have decided to escape and join refugee's life in all over the World by any means to save their lives .

According to EMF , ( well known and reliable independent web site ) , journalist Dreje Tedla , from government news agency has defected to Japan . Additionally , Dereje Tedla was a journalist for "Addis Zemen " newspaper which printed under full control of the government in Ethiopian's national language " Amharic " on daily basis for more than 50 years.

Choreber blogger kindly requests , human right organizations , government officials and individuals who active supporters of the principle of democracy to save an innocent people like-Journalist Dereje Tedla
( To read more click here from EMF, )

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2 Ethiopian Teachers' Association members Arrested
Amnesty International
September , 26 , 2006

Ato Wasihun Melese and Ato Anteneh Getnet , both members of the teachers' trade union , the Ethiopian Teachers' Association (ETA ) , were arrested in the capital , Addis Ababa , on 23 September 2006. ( To read more click here )

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Serving repressive regime is a historic crime
(You can see pictures of two officers)
Two senior Ethiopian Army officers who recently joined the OLF abandoning the TPLF regime said that serving the repressive regime is a historic crime. ( To read more click here )

Source : OLF

Hopeless government
From: Hellen Kassu Mitto

Dear Choreber.blogspot readers,

For your information please read this list of well known figures of Woyane government who already left behind the government of prime minister Meles Zenawi and have mixed into an exile World.
This time Meles Zenawi stands at the edge of his hopeless and paralyzed government to try his final breath for survive. Unfortunately, the end of dictatorship session and his gun rule expiration date coming soon....very soon , and where could be his final destination?...jail as his beloved friends for justice or exile as African hopeless dictator leaders?????

1-Bir/Gen Hailu Gonfa , Army General
2-Bir/Gen Kemal Gelchu , Army General
3-Colonel Gammachu Ayana , Commander of Mechanized Division
4-Hanfare Alimirah , Charge D'Affaires , Kuwait
5-Adisu Abadi Tesfaye , Counselor Attache , Ottawa
6-Daniel Ikubesilassie , 3rd Secretary , Riyad
7-Dr Biruk Hailu , Minister , Paris
8-Mesfine Mideksa , 1st Secretary , Brussels
9-Gizachew Bizuneh , Counselor , Paris
10-Yohanes Genda , Ambassador, Abuja
11-Fiseha Adugna Wordofa, Ambassador ,London
12-Seifesillassie Lemma Kidane, Minister, Newyork
13-Dr.Waktasu Negere Yadete, Minister, Counselor Moscow
14-Altaye Alaro Almbo ,Counselor, Vienna
15-Mesfine Endrias H/Gebriel ,Tokyo
16-Tesfaye Dessalegn Abebe ,1st Secretary, Dubai
17-Endalkachew Liben Made, 1st Secratary , Beijing
18-Mesfine Yimam Kinfu, 1st Secretary ,Cairo
19-Tsegaye Demeke Abebe, 1st Secretary , the Hague
20-Binyam Kedir Abdu, 1st Secretary , Kuwait
21-Tsegaye Bekele Kato, 1st Secratary , London
22-Birihanemeskel Abebe Sgni, 1st Secratary , Newyork
23-Wegene Assefa Tessema, 1st Secratary , Newyork
24-Berhanu Beyene Hagos, 1st Secratary, Sana'a
25-Tilahun W/Simon, 1st Secratary ,Washington
26-Rahel Kumela Geragn ,2nd secretary Washington
27-Genet Abebe Sesie, " the Hague
28-Kifle getachew Adela, " Vienna
29-Gultie Berhanu Nigatu, " Stockholm
30-Tsegaye Edao Gelgelo, 3rd Secretary Washington
31-Aster Solomon Gessese, " Abuja
32-Zelalem Dawit Erene ," Beirut
33-Fetene Tefera Mamo, " Djibouti
34-Wagaye Berhanu Engidashet, " London
35-Appolo Guale ,Attache', Abidjan
36-Tamrat Damte Mekuria, " Beirut
37-Mettaalem Sinishaw Bitew, " Dakar
38-Getachew Mekonnen Agonafir, " Jeddah
39-Biruk Ketema Yadetie, " Hargessa
40-Dejene Chiko, " Washington
41-Firehiwot Belachew, " Newyork
42-Henok Mengistu, " Head Office
43-Girma Belayneh G/ Michael, " Head Office
44-Tizita Kassa, " Jeddah
45-Tamrat Alawi Abdela,, " Newyork
46-Tirsit Tekka Anchebo, " Brussel
47-Solomon Assefa Bogale, " Pretoria
48-Berhanu Gizachew, " Nairobi

Friday, September 15, 2006

Two Ethiopian officers join OLF
BriGen Hailu Gonfa and Col Gemechu Ayana , commanders of the Eighth Mechanized Division of the Ethiopian armed forces have defected prime minister Meles Zenawi's brutal government and joined the Oromo Liberation Front ,OLF.
This is part of massive defection occurred after the May 2005 National Election in Ethiopian history. Reliable sources indicated that more than 60 (sixty ) diplomats , high level officers and well known judiciary system figures have defected Meles Zenawi and his killers group
(To read more click here )

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The International Federation of Journalists ( IFJ ) is demanding the release of 20 Ethiopian journalists

Ethiopia , the country with the highest number of imprisoned journalists , as well as with the largest number of journalists in exile in Africa. ...( to read more click here )

Ethiopian journalist attacked in Nairobi
Yidnekachew Chane , who was a reporter for the now banned Ma'ebel , an amharic weekly independent press based in Addis Ababa , was severly beaten by two undercover agent of the government of prime minister Meles Zenawi. ( to read more and watch severly beaten face of Yidnekachew click here )