Thursday, September 28, 2006

Journalist Dereje Tedla defected to Japan
Update list of Ethiopian free Press Journalists in exile
EMF , Thursday , September 28 ,2006

Prime minister of Ethiopia , Meles Zenawi , has turned proud Ethiopia into an ugliest Albania communist era mood . There is no right of assembly , no independent media , and no right to organized freely . The only right given or allowed to the people of Ethiopia by prime minister Meles Zenawi government is to go jail by series and endless false allegations .
Journalists, advocates of freedom of the press, members of union of journalists, human right activists and other an innocent citizens who support the principle of freedom of expression could face worst punishment from unelected government officials on their land. That's why several innocent Ethiopians have decided to escape and join refugee's life in all over the World by any means to save their lives .

According to EMF , ( well known and reliable independent web site ) , journalist Dreje Tedla , from government news agency has defected to Japan . Additionally , Dereje Tedla was a journalist for "Addis Zemen " newspaper which printed under full control of the government in Ethiopian's national language " Amharic " on daily basis for more than 50 years.

Choreber blogger kindly requests , human right organizations , government officials and individuals who active supporters of the principle of democracy to save an innocent people like-Journalist Dereje Tedla
( To read more click here from EMF, )

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