Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Genocide" and "high treason" charges have been dropped against them and they will be tried for "plotting to overthrow the government" and "incitement to rebellion." RSF

First, High level officials of the country,Ethiopia,finally have start thinking as human being.But they need to understand more and more.As they said, now, no genocide and high treason occurred after the result of the national election of may 2005, people knew that there was no "plotting to overthrow the government " or "incitement to rebellion."That's the fact on the ground.

Second, Mr.Sisay Agena, publisher of Ethop and Abay monthly magazine and weekly news papers, freed from his charge, good thing.What about his dozen computers and huge amount of money that taken or robbed by government security agents in the name " for investigation purpose" during his arrest late 2005? The court should give order to police department,investigation cell or security agents to give back all his own personal work equipment and money,too.

Third, we know that Ethiopia has not enough money to cover annual budget of the country's expense as a country. This country depends on out side source for its governmental function.
So, spending donated money or other form of outsiders support on this type of false accusation,torturing and killing innocent citizens of the land every corner is meaningless.Waste of time, waste of manpower for meaningless purpose, no one benefited from this kind of kid's play. Government should work on the basis of truth.That way helps people and a country to work together for a common agenda-fighting poverty,aids,access for pure drinking water,basic health service and so on.
Picture: Journalist and publisher Siyay Agena.

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