Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 15 , 2005
source - Ethiopian Media Forum

The TPLF Ambassador to England , Fesseha Adugna , and his press officer at the Ethiopian Embassy in London , Wagaye Berhanu , have defected to the USA .
To show an untruth face of Ethiopia to International Community , as member of diplomatic missions , these high-ranking officials had been served PM Meles Zenawi until they have defected him . Meles Zenawi , who surrounded by machine-guns and armored vehicles twenty four hours a day seven days a week and confined him self's at National Palace , as Fascist Leaders , has no chance to visit industries , higher education institutes , towns and a countryside of Ethiopia , except Bole International Airport .
This stage , for this , one of the new generation of tyranny African leaders , indicates final destination of his killer government and gives time to get off and give up of his power with out any pre- conditions to the People of Ethiopia , Peacefully . Otherwise , no matter what it takes , his unfunctional government will collapsed by the people's peaceful Democratic movement , and he would get what he deserves. ( Click here to read EMF's report )

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