Friday, March 30, 2007

The Trial Postponed Again

The trial of the main opposition political party leaders,civic activists and independent journalists postponed again.This time for Monday,April 2nd,2007.The court presented the summary of the audio,video and documentary evidence today.It said the rest of the prosecutor's evidence will be summarized and presented on Monday,April 2nd,2007.The court was packed,tens people couldn't get sits.The judges said that they wouldn't continue in the after noon as one of the judges was sick.

Note from choreber blogger: Nobody expect fair and true justice's from politically assigned judges who serves high level, corrupted and killer government officials than the country's law. Last week one of the judges didn't show up and the court hearing was ended up with in five minutes.Next Monday, really, we don't know who going to be sick!!!!! The country's justice system has been running like this for the last 15 years.

Pictures: Journalist & publishers , Mr.Sisay Agena and Mrs. Sekalem Fasil, among accused prisoners of conscience.

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