Friday, February 10, 2006

Unidentified Forces Headed From Armacho To Gonder

EMF (10 February, 2006)- Meles Zenawi has called his Cabinet ,TPLF Polit Bureau, for emergency meeting today after part of Gonder is reportedly fall under unknown military forces,EMF reporter said from Addis Ababa.

According to the report,thousands of Government solders ,including army officers ,have been defected to join the guerilla rebel forces who took arms against the repression by the Ethiopia tyrant.

According to the report, an unidentified forces headed from Armacho to Gonder City of Fassiledes. They ,then ,attacked the Federal Police together with local Police and the general public. The raid operation began today around 12:00pm local time. The army has surrounded Gonder from outside and inside layer,according to the source.The Ethiopian Patriotic Forces claimed the operation but some report indicate that the movement is carried out by the army of Amhara National Democratic Movement, ANDM,one of the affiliate of the ruling, EPRDF.

Similar civic unrest is reported in Gojjam,Wolega,Ambo,Dessie,Harar and Arsi.

Addis Ababa is very tense. Meles' Special Forces armed with heavy machine guns patrolled Addis Ababa again, especially, at Bole air port and 4-killo area.

College and High School students in Addia Ababa,BahDar,Gojjam,Dessie,Jima
Ambo,Gimbi,Nekemt,Harrar,Arsi and a number of other towns have boycotted Schools ,demanding for the release of all political prisoners. Students peaceful demonstration has been strongly repressed by an armed assault of the regime.

The military operation is carried out amid Meles' arrogant speech in the Parliamentary session. During his report to Parliament, last week,Meles Zenawi rejected International calls for the release of the jailed elected leaders.

Meles Zenawi was discussing with his TPLF members today about the way out of these uncontrolled crisis.,Click title)

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