Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Almaz Mequanint's voice!!
Nazareth,Metehara,Wonji & Wonjishoa say some thing.

In recent years I have read articles posted on several website written by human right activist, Almaz Mequanint,concerning on pollution,excess flouride and segregation in Ethiopia.I don't know her in person but she was there (Wonji,Wonjishoa) in the 1960's as a kid,grew up in Wonji,and her two children were born and raised there untile the age of 6&7,according to her letter.
Her concern have touched me and I will post her letter some times next week for anyone who have interested, concerned or have moral duty about pollution,excess flouride and segregation in Wonji,WonjiShoa and Metehara. Please post your idea for open discussion.

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berhanu said...

The importance of Almaz's paper lies in that it reminds people about the dangerous out come of the problem of pollution,which is the major form of evironmental degradation in Ethiopia today. It must be underlined that sustainable development can only be achieved and the wellbieng of citizens can be promoted under a healthy environment. To achieve this, government policy plays an important role. The case of Wonji, Wonjishoa and Metehara Sugar factory-caused flouride pollution and the health hazards it has resulted in is something that must be taken seriously in the consideration of future investment projects.
The victims of the pollution should be compensated.So, Almaz who is also a victim of the pollution has spoken the voices of the voiceless who are suffiering the consequences of that pollution.

From Addis Ababa