Monday, December 25, 2006

Wake up Somali people
By Hellen Kassu Mitto

Bad image of the War between Somalia Union of Islamic Courts , SUIC, militia and pro-Transitional Somali Federal Government , TSFG , forces has started. Few countries are trying to play life and death game on Somalis land as " rental space" on the expense of Somali citizens life . Somalis has the right to kick out all forces , not only Ethiopian army but also Eritrean army and others instead of watching this war as a landlord who granted his own private property for long term lease .

Wake up Somali people !! Ethiopia and Eritrea has their own an unfinished business on their common borders . The border dispute is still fresh . As you know , because of the UN peace keepers who able to monitor their military build up movement they couldn't get an opportunity to replay their war game for the second time . Further more , leaders of both countries has big internal unsolved problems . That's why they are using your land as a rental open space .

Wake up Somali people !! Dialogue is a choice less way for peace for all parties who are involving in this fighting .Peace is better than war .
Click here to see dead body of one of an Islamic courts fighter.
2nd picture

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