Friday, December 22, 2006

" In theory , "Freedom of Expression" does exist on paper in North-Easter African state of Ethiopia. How ever, it does not exist in practice. The term does not meet that act. In the past 13 years, 13 journalists were killed, 85 imprisoned and suffered brutal physical beatings. 93 journalists have had enough of the imprisonment and brutal torture and fled the country to live in exile in all parts of the World....." ( Girma Endrias , a journalist working for one of the Norwegian newspaper in Oslo , and member of Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association)

Announcemen for public teleconference from EFJA
On December 24 , 2006 (Sunday) , Ethiopian Free Press Journalists (EFJA) will hold open teleconference. EFJA president , Ato Kifle Mulat and other exiled journalists are going to make statement on behalf of Ethiopian Free Press Journalists. This teleconference will be the first public meeting after 20 months.
To participate on the teleconference you should get teleconference number and code from web site.

Ethiopian Free Press Journalists released the 2007 calendar.

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