Saturday, January 06, 2007

Picture by guuleed, April 26.2006

Meles Zenawi,Dollar thirsty-in a new style of begging under the name of Somali people

By Hellen Kasu Mitto
January 06,2007

Armed war lords and clan leaders,who became unelected King of the Somali people,by the help of killer weapons under the name of Union of Islamic Courts(UIC),who knows about tomorrow,temporarily driven out of the capital and other cities and has gone far to the jungle with in two weeks of conventional war. Those,the so-called leaders of the UIC,were able to run the Somali people under the shadow of new governing method or principle (no movie,no foot ball/soccer,no mirra/chat) for about six months. That principle and technically mounted heavy machine gun pick up trucks has destroyed by invader Ethiopian army and Transitional Federal Government of Somali forces. All human beings brain doesn't working in the same way or direction,and we heard "thanks" words from supporters of the TFG,and different attitude from others who opposes invasion of neighboring countries. I do not worry about that. Because both sides has their own reason.

Backed by heavily armed and well-trained Ethiopian army,the TFG, controlled all the country,except Somaliland and Puntland,and has started functioning or acting as a government in the middle of its own people and land. What's next for the TFG is,unfortunately, accepting Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as Somali's saver and giving green light for his unsuccessful ruling strategy that has been rejected and failed on his country,Ethiopia,for the last fifteen years. That would be a big mistake in Somalia's government history if it continue on Meles's track. Because democratic process based on Somali's people culture and way of life is better than any foreign ideology that could create national disaster and identity crisis. Specially,as a concerned blogger,I would like to advise that,not allow and copy Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's well-poisoned and full of hate political picture for Somali's democratization foundation. Meles Zenawi is a moderate fascist in a modern or new era in Africa.

On Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's side,already he got an opportunity of begging dollars under the name of Somalia peace and stability in a new style of begging. Everyone as remembered,after Kismayu(Somalia)on his press conference and Parliament meeting he mentioned openly with out any diplomatic words the words " We are poor",and " We need money",several times. In my understanding that is shame. Invading ,someone's country for a dollar is shame. No body has the right to trespass a private property,not country, if there is human beings law that could protect or treat all man kinds equally,and before getting inside Somalia cities or interfering in someone's national issue please get fix your political problems in your country. Go ahead Kaliti,Dedessa,Tolay, Ziway,Maekelawi and other concentration camps. These camps are closer to your palace than Mogadishu or Kismayu,and watch your country 's pocket than begging foreign currency in the name of an innocent poor Somali's soul.

Conclusion: Please,don't use Somali's problem to extend your ugliest ruling age as tablet.Give Ethiopians politics for the new democrat generation and get your prison time,exile or retirement session.Ethiopia's tired about you.15 years as King of Kings dictator leader, oh my God ! ..... more than 25 years as political party leader , and on killing !!

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