Friday, July 14, 2006

Cry a living witness of Wonji
by Hellen Kassu Mitto

" HVA-International , the Netherlands , planned our deaths , but we still alive"
We heard the voice's of human rights activist Almaz Mequanint again , after a long time , through Ethiopian internet media by the title of "the forgotten victims of Wonji " - thanks Almaz.
She is crying for those voiceless fluoride victim Ethiopians , alone. She need immediate attention and any type of support from all Ethiopians around the World , especially , those human beings born and grew up in Wonji , Wonjishoa ,Metehara and Nazareth. Fluoride victims , observers and witnesses should not locked up their mouths for this kind of problem for ever , including Holland citizens.
You have a generation responsibility to convince the International community. You are part of victims family. You are part of victims of neighbor. You are part of victims society , and how many years do you need to reveal the truth ? Now it is time to speak up the truth for International community. So , unveil the truth !!
According to my information , several well educated Ethiopian origin fluoride victims have been living and working aboard with their internal pain. Those well educated professionals have more and better access and opportunity than victims of backhome who sleeps year to year together with their broken bones and rotten tooth with out hope , promise and justice. Please , try to be voice of the voiceless victims.
We fine - thanks God - but what about those voiceless elders and youngsters ?
Let's try to do our best....Let's to write letters and petitions to HVA-international , Holland diplomatic missions through out the Globe , Government of Holland , Royal family of Holland , and World human rights organizations. Let's try to create network for a wide range of awareness for our plight. Let's try to campaign. Let's try to cry together under one an umbrella - voiceless victims need our louder voice right now !!
Finally , behalf of my society and "" readers , I kindly request my fellow bloggers , Ethiopian free media members , human and environmental rights activists and all concerned people of our Planet to give their ears for Almaz Mequanint's voice.

The voice of fluoride victims should be heard !!

fluoride victims want justice right now !!

The Netherlands give us justice !!

Justice for the , Please co-operate us !!

Nederlandse Vereninging Van Journalister ,NVJ , we need your media coverage for the voicelss victims , please .

HVA - International planned our deaths , but we still alive - thanks God.
To see victims of HVA - international click here

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